hellOmani Women's Day, 2017 - Aster Al Raffah Hospital


Omani Women’s Day, 2017 – Aster Al Raffah Hospital

Omani Women’s Day, 2017 – Aster Al Raffah Hospital

October 26, 2017

Aster Al Raffah Hospital celebrated Omani Women’s Day on 17th October in their premises. The Management team at Aster Al Raffah Hospital looks with pride at its workforce which is powered by smart, intelligent and committed women.

Unlike some other countries in the region, Omani women have always enjoyed equal opportunities in education and employment and the team at Aster Al Raffah Hospital have always been champions in bringing out the best in their female employees. A whopping 65% of the workforce is female and these include both medical and non-medical professionals.

‘At Aster Al Raffah we have a very ‘pro-woman’ mindset,’ admits Ms. Nadiya Azghar Muhammed Hasan Al Balushi, Director – Human Resource of Aster Al Raffah Group of Hospitals and Clinics in Oman. ‘We have almost 1000 employees and more than half of them are women from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and religions. And they all work seamlessly to enhance our customer experience.’

At Aster Al Raffah Hospital and Clinics it’s not just the Customer services and Administrative Departments that are bustling with female energy but also medical services. Almost 50% of the doctors are women, and this ensures that nearly all the major specialties like General practice, Internal Medicine, OBG, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Anesthesiology etc have female doctors to cater to the needs and sensitivities of the local population.

‘Some patients are sensitive about sharing medical and personal details to male doctors and other paramedical staff. But at Aster Al Raffah Hospital we don’t have that problem because almost 70% of our medical professionals, and that include doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff, are women. Our female patients are instantly at ease in this environment,’ says Ms. Azhar Juma Amer Al Moshiky, Front office Supervisor Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Al Ghubra.

And when it comes to supporting the cause of Omani women employment, Al Raffah Hospital is in the forefront. Females account for an impressive 73% of the total Omani employees working in the hospital.

The work environment at Aster Al Raffah Hospital ensures the safety and wellbeing of its employees, especially the women. The team leaders and managers are also sensitive to their needs and they strive to ensure a good work-life balance for their staff members. This makes Al Raffah one of the premium employers in the region.

Ms. Sara Salim Ali Al Habsy who is working for past 8 years at Aster Al Raffah Hospital said that “I love working here. The atmosphere is so warm and friendly. And my Manager understands and supports my needs. Also, I have great colleagues who encourage me and make my workplace fun!” enthused one of the many female employees at Aster Al Raffah Hospital.

Needless to say, Aster Al Raffah Hospital is a great workplace, powered by passionate women, who along with their male colleagues, ensure a pleasant customer experience. Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics Oman is led by Ms. Seeniya Biju, Chief Executive Officer who has been a symbol of women empowerment.

‘We have noticed that Omani women are very committed and have excellent work ethics. They are very focused and hardworking too. Most of the time they are ones who trump the interviews,’ said Ms. Seeniya Biju. The presence of Female Employees at managerial levels, surely encourages women leadership and inspires numerous women.