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Oman Woman of the Year 2018 – Ms. Seeniya Biju awarded for health services

Monday March 12th, 2018

Muscat Daily organized Oman Woman of the Year Awards 2018 at Grand Hyatt Muscat on 7th March, 2018 where influential women from the Sultanate of Oman gathered to be appreciated for their empowerment, achievement and the impact they have on the society.

The evening was dedicated to the ladies, as 23 winners from different fields of live were present among a captivated audience, soon to be awarded with trophies for their outstanding achievements. It was the first time that women from such diverse fields and age groups were being felicitated on a common platform in Oman.

The gathering marked the celebration of womanhood, power, struggles, challenges and most importantly, self belief.

Women marching through different mazes of life, accomplishing their goals, serving the society, leading major organizations, setting examples for the younger generations to come – the event was saturated with pride and honor.

Amongst the extraordinary league of the awarded women, was Ms. Seeniya Biju, CEO, Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics Oman who was awarded with Oman Woman of the Year 2018 for her appreciated efforts in the field of Health Services.

A leader with a vision and an icon of optimism, Ms. Seeniya Biju aims to provide the best and convenient medical services to the residents of Oman.

“We’ve gathered here today to celebrate women who have made a difference in fields as diverse as technology, customer service, arts, education, sports, to name a few,” said Mohana Prabhakar, chief executive of Apex Press and Publishing, who welcomed the attendees.

“Womanhood is responsibility. Responsibility is power. With power you can sail through any storm and achieve what you came out to look for.” quoted Ms. Seeniya Biju.

The audience comprised guests nominated for the various awards along with their family members, friends and colleagues who were present in large numbers to cheer them as they proceeded to receive their coveted trophies – an acrylic figurine in a rich lilac hue, signifying the grace of womanhood.

Every awardee received a tumultuous applause from the audience as the spotlight led them to the dais accompanied by vibrant music.

Inputs from Muscat Daily