hellAster Al Raffah Hospital & Clinics Celebrates Aster@30 in Oman


Aster Al Raffah Hospital & Clinics Celebrates Aster@30 in Oman

Aster Al Raffah Hospital & Clinics Celebrates Aster@30 in Oman

January 17, 2018

Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics celebrated Aster@30, marking Aster DM Healthcare’s 30th anniversary. The celebration also served as an occasion to mark a major milestone in the history of Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics that celebrated 10 years of their presence in the Sultanate.

Since its day of commencement, Aster DM Healthcare has been dedicated towards providing hope, healing and unparalleled healthcare services to its consumers. Aster DM Healthcare, the leading healthcare conglomerate in the Middle East and India celebrated 30 glorious years of providing quality and affordable healthcare to the community on 11th December 2017.

Some glimpses from the celebration :


Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics hosted an event to celebrate the 3 decades of service of Aster DM Healthcare and the culmination of Aster@30 on Tuesday, 9th January 2018. The celebratory event welcomed a lineup of dignitaries including His Excellency Khalid Bin Omar Al Marhoon – Minister of Civil Service, Dr. Sultan Bin Ya’rub Al Busaidi – Advisor of Health Affairs – Ministry of Health and from Aster DM Healthcare including Founder, Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Azad Moopen, officials from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Education, Muscat Municipality, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Royal Court of Affairs, Diwan of Royal Court.

Aster DM Healthcare currently operates in 9 geographies, with over 316 operating facilities including 19 hospitals, 95 clinics & 202 retail pharmacies. The anniversary observance of Aster DM Healthcare and Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics saw the celebration of people, who have been of service at Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics and have contributed to successfully building a strong healthcare facility in the region. The event also saw the felicitation of 2 unsung heroes for their social and volunteering work in various fields. The felicitation was done as part of the Aster@30 campaign, those felicitated were Mr. Sultan Ahmed Abdullah Al Zabahi – Al Noor Association for Blind and Ms. Hebbah Bessam – Rugs & Hugs.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder and Chairman of Aster DM Healthcare, Dr. Azad Moopen said, “2017 marks 30 years since the time I began my first clinic in Bur Dubai in the year 1987.We have surely come a long way and have grown tremendously in the past 30 years. This is an occasion to truly celebrate how we have been successfully changing and bettering lives of the people we serve and further strengthening the community we live in.”

Along with celebrating Aster DM Healthcare’s milestone of 30 years, the occasion called for additional celebration as it marked the completion of 10 years of Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics in the Sultanate of Oman.

“On this day, it gives me immense joy in also celebrating the success of Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics, Oman who are celebrating their 10th year of existence on this occasion. Aster Oman has

been an integral part of our overall success by having established themselves as the leading healthcare service provider in Oman with various hospitals & clinics across the country. This is a true tribute to the spirit of community healthcare in the region and we are extremely proud to help it grow to much prosperous heights. I would like to truly commend the dedicated staff of Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics and Aster DM Healthcare across geographies for their whole hearted contribution in building and supporting us establish a network of health care facilities that provide compassionate and world class care to the global community,” he concluded.

Aster DM Healthcare extended their healthcare services to the Sultanate of Oman with Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics. Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics have established two multi-specialty hospitals in Sohar and Ghubra and 6 clinics in Sohar, Liwa, Ruwi, Al Khoud, Amerat and Ma’abela.

Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Seeniya Biju, Chief Executive Officer for Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics said,” This is a proud moment for Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics. This occasion serves as a unique opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the wonderful individuals who made all this possible for us. The past decade is a testament to the difference we have made and will continue to make with our hard work, under the vision of our Honorable Chairman Dr. Azad Moopen. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartiest congrats to Aster DM Healthcare for having pushed the boundaries of what is possible and achieving astonishing credibility in the field of healthcare. Abiding by our brand promise – We’ll Treat You Well, Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics promise to continue to impact the lives of the community for generations to come.”