Dr. Salim Taha

Dr. Salim Taha

Aster Al Raffah Medical Center, Sohar
Education : MBBS, DCH
Specialization : Pediatrics

Dr. Salim Taha is a Specialist Pediatrician at Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar.

Dr. Salim is highly qualified specialist Pediatrician with extensive experience in the field of Pediatrics.

He has worked with various reputed hospitals in India and other countries.

Dr. Salim Taha is sympathetic and persuasive when working with patients, parents and staff members.

Pediatricians should be observant, intelligent, persistent, level-headed, open-minded and resourceful when diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses and Dr. Salim ticks all the boxes.

Dr. Salim brings all the exceptional qualities of being a Pediatrician at Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar.