Dr. Qutayba Muslim Elseddig Ahmed

Dr. Qutayba Muslim Elseddig Ahmed

(General Practitioner)
Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar
Education : MBBS
Specialization : General Practitioner

Experience of general practitioner for 9 years including 15 months working in the resusitation unit, emergency department of The Ribat University Hospital, and around 6 years of experience in the emergency department at Aster Al Raffah hospital – Sohar


  • Approch to all patients attending the Emergency from top emergencies to simple cases with good experience in team work approch to critical cases.
  • Providing the initial assessment and management of ER patients.
  • Managing top emergencies (e.g. ACS, Acute severe Asthma, hypertension crises, deal with all kinds of Arrhythmias, DKA…).
  • Management of cardiac arrest according to ACLS protocols.
  • Delvering DC shock when needed.
  • Advance Airway management.