Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinic Oman

In 2009, Aster DM Healthcare extended their services to the Sultanate of Oman by establishing three multi-specialty hospitals and six clinics under the Aster Al Raffah name. The Aster Al Raffah Clinics operate in Sohar, Liwa, Al Khoud, Mabella, suwaiq and Amerat, while the Aster Al Raffah Hospitals are in Sohar, Ibri and Ghobra, Muscat.

The Aster Al Raffah hospital is a multi-specialty medical facility that is equipped with the latest healthcare technology and equipment. The Aster Al Raffah clinics provide primary health care services and possess highly skilled and experienced specialists who are adept at accurately diagnosing and providing treatments for both simple and complex disorders in a wide variety of specializations, thereby providing the residents of Oman with easily accessible, high quality healthcare services.